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Equity is Ownership. 
Equity is Financial Independence.
Equity is Economic Power.

Women with Equity is a community of women who want to take control of their financial life.

Our Mission is to empower women to feel more confident on their financial journey so they can build wealth through equity and take ownership of their life.

Women need to make big financial moves to make up for stolen time and years of missed compounded growth. When cost out over a lifetime, women are losing upwards of $100 a day not investing and are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished during retirement.

I believe we have yet to see what women investors can achieve as a force. Women investors, founders, and business owners are an emerging market.
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CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who specializes in working with founders and women in the tech as they build wealth. Through Zenith Wealth Partners, Chelsea helps her clients through the many financial challenges they face as women with ambitious goals. Together, they work through: 

  • Cash flow planning and analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Investing and portfolio management
  • Deferred equity compensation strategy
  • Debt repayment

And more

As a Managing Partner and Director of Financial Planning of Zenith Wealth Partners, Chelsea and her team offer comprehensive financial planning for Gen X and Millennial clients. Together, they believe that financial planning professionals can work to help close the gender and racial wealth gap, and they prioritize forward-thinking and simplified strategies that make financial planning accessible to all.

While working in an industry traditionally gate kept for wealthy retirees, Chelsea realized that she could help more diverse clientele make life-changing financial decisions before they reached retirement. At Zenith Wealth Partners, Chelsea guides clients through their financial life by discussing the “why” behind each of their financial goals. Through her tax expertise, she provides proactive tax strategies to professionals with equity compensation and small business owners. Chelsea recognizes financial planning is a marathon, not a sprint, and through ongoing relationships with her clients, she strategically develops financial plans that fit their present and future lifestyles.




Zenith Wealth Partners is a fee-only fiduciary firm that aims to create optimal financial outcomes for clients by delivering investment management and financial planning services. We believe that there should not be limitations to who deserves high-quality wealth management advice. We work to address injustices that exist for people of color’s relationship with money and serve our communities by hosting educational programs for schools, organizations, and businesses.

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Women With Equity offers events to empower women as they build wealth. This includes conversations about real estate investing, socially responsible investing, protecting your legacy, and empowering business owners. Through our events we have created a diverse community of women who are ready to take control of their finances. You will meet amazing women along the way who can be a resource to you. Join us for our first event on April 27th at 6 pm!


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  • Negotiation Tips: Salary vs. Equity
  • Leveraging Equity Compensation to Reach Your Financial Goals
  • Planning for a Work Optional / Financially Independent Future
  • Budgeting with Fluctuating Income
  • How to Handle Sudden Wealth
  • Financial Planning for Women: Knowing Where to Start
  • Making an Impact with your Money
  • Closing the Gender / Racial Wealth Gap with Equity Compensation
  • Creating Additional Streams of Income
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